Friday, August 17, 2012

Wassup  World? Can You watch Our Movie "BOYS WILL BE BOYS", Vote LIKE-IT and then, please, tell/invite a Friend(s) to watch it and vote LIKE-IT. We are FUND-RAISING to make the Theatrical Full Length Feature Film, so, Please, DONATE or send someone to DONATE to make it a Full Length Feature Film.

"Boys Will Be Boy" is a Racy Art Short Film about a Bisexual Down-Low NCAA-Basketball-Player/Athlete/NBA-Potential-Number-One-Draft-Pick/Gang-Banger/Rapper-Wanna-Be, who impregnates his private/secret Gay-Boy/Homie-Lover-Friend, who turns out to be a Rare One-Of-A-Kind Reproducing Hermaprodite with an internal Female Organ secreted inside his anus. Think "Boyz-N-The-Hood" meets "Boys-Don't-Cry" with "The-Crying-Game" twist.

We have a Full Length Feature-Film Screenplay ready/developed and ready for Production as all We need now is Film-Financing for us to Produce Our "Boys Will Be Boys" Ground-Breaking Epic Motion-Picture Event, so, any DONATIONS towards our Production are acceptable, very welcome and highly appreciated. So, if you are interested in seeing The Whole Movie, please, DONATE by hitting that DONATE-BUTTON and follow the Link to PAYPAL to DONATE.

We lalso need to accumulate so many Votes to qualify to submit it for The Academy Awards (Oscars) for Short Films. So, please Vote LIKE and, please, tell/invite a Friend(s) to watch BOYS WILL BE BOYS and Vote LIKE. You'll love BOYS WILL BE BOYS' unflinchingly engaging, gritty and gripping CAST, STORY and PRODUCTION QUALITY. Please, let us know what you think with comments.